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Innovative Results

SLS Innovative Consultancy Ltd is a leading independent Consultancy Specialist.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer completely impartial advice and support to our clients.

We provide services to multinational organisations and we're trusted by our clients, realizing millions of pounds of ongoing opportunity.  We work with many of our clients time and time again - demonstrating our value.


Our Mission is to support clients to transform their organisations, saving time and cost and focusing on people, technology and business processors.  Our innovative ideas help our clients deliver their business objectives.


All our teams include highly skilled and experienced Specialists in the CRM and Call Centre environment.  We have innovative and dynamic staff who specialise in everthing, from initial strategy and business case development, to implemenation and training.


  • Innovation - We embrace change and welcome new technology.  We pride ourselves on adaptability.

  • Integrity - We treat everyone with respect.  We are honest with both our clients and ourselves.

  • Performance - Our experience across diverse industries enable us to show different working practices to increase efficiency.

  • Professional - We are approachable.  We know that clear communication and involvement at all levels is vital to sustaining long-term relationships and long-term success.